by markland on March 30th, 2013

Website sadness

My site died. I was attempting a little, simple maintenance and it went kaput. Tinkering around with databases, I’ve managed to recover all the old posts, but all the images are gone, and the old theme has gone up in digital smoke as well.

The images I’m a little pained at losing, but I’m seeing it as a good excuse to do a bit of spring cleaning and refresh the look and feel anyway. Bear with me while I make it pretty again.

Old vs New EP – US release

In more relevant news, Americans will finally be able to purchase domestic copies of the Old vs New EP this summer. The EP was originally released in the UK back in 2008, and this Stateside release will feature brand new artwork and stuff, as it is being released as a split, pink, 12″ record with the top-notch Floridian outfit, Holopaw. We’re doing it in support of LGBT Pride month in the USA, and I’ll be donating profits to The Point Foundation. More details in the coming weeks.

The future

No new Sleeping States material at present. I’ve been playing and recording in a two-piece called Beginnings for the past year, and we have some music that will see the light of day over the summer as well. However, I have ideas forming for a new SS record. We’ll see.

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