The Next Village (for Keith)

All my life I’ve been running
That it takes so long to settle in
Every night I think it’s over
But when I wake it starts again

Well, I slow on a certain baritone,
The scarf around your neck

And then it’s over,
I’m pushing past the marchland lines
To the next
To the next
To the next

Aha! The depth of age takes over
The template changes as we do
Aha! And though I know I’m young
I can’t help but run from all my youth

Suddenly another winter
The gas back on, the snow resumes.
And before it’s even melted
We’re running past the buds and blooms

Aha! The call of orientation
The guiding grid I make my own
Aha! We’re always running on
Towards the next place to call home.

I have a room, it isn’t finished,
but when it’s painted I will lie
underneath the open window
and watch the planes go by.


This song is really an interpretation of Robbie Basho’s “Rocky Mountain Raga”, from his 1978 album Visions Of The Country. I took the broad structure, paraphrased the opening line, and went somewhere else.

Lyrically, it’s a response to Franz Kafka’s short text of the same name as a contribution to a project on the Kafka text by the author Keith Ridgway.