Showers In Summer

A light breeze
Salt on the tongue
Respite from the heat

To the East
Columns from the moon
Resign, retreat

A sign to relieve a slight regret,
There’s the sweat from your shirt
A sign for you

The clouds are developing
A shade of brown
not seen in a while

And the gusts pick up
You lie awake, and wait
The showers in summer fall greasy and heavy
A drummer’s call
And you fall asleep

By the way, with this rainstorm outside
I’ve never seen you so still
I know time’s harder to find
A routine finds its way
Of repeating so much

There is so much
But I would wait for you.

Listen outside the running water’s collecting into streams
A passing car sounds different on the oily, puddled streets
Rain-soaked runs a father to the central parts of town
Thunder chants a waking call to your dreams of eastern clouds
That let through columns of lunacy over evening summer showers
A storm, a sign
To bring you home in time

In time,
A way to find you settled and quiet.
There are times, but fewer and fewer,
Now I remain
Waiting for moments like these when it rains.