Red King

Strong shattered lines of a circular, ringed shrine
Persian skies show indigo hues
Pooled shadows on your skin
Where’s the fire that’s burning?

They say it burns to remember. Does it?

Fourteen lucid nights cast circles on your eyes
“Help me I’ve never been so alone!
I try, oh I’ve tried to remember love
But I dream of nothing now.”
Well that’s something anyhow -

You want to learn, but do you want it enough?

Thoughts of absence fire conceptions of desire
A minute love is where you have to start
With dreams of a beating heart
And you to start to learn.

Infinite designs of a circled, ruined shrine
coil our thoughts around what we’re doomed to start -
the dreams of beating hearts.


The lyrics are based on Jorge Luis Borges’ short story about dreams within dreams, ‘The Circular Ruins’. The title of the song comes from the story’s epitaph, which is a quotation from Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through The Looking Glass and refers to Tweedledee’s assertion that Alice is just a character in the sleeping red king’s dream.