The Cartographer

Late at night I would run
To the boundaries of the city
In a sky so dark
If I could run forever I’d try so hard
But closing on the edges I’d be left
With a burning head and a thudding heart

Now, on my way home from work
There’s a point where the road drops down
To reveal a sky so wide
And there’s comfort in the edge of it
That I can hold from here as a view
A scene beyond the city that persists
In a background calming, bluish hue.

In these early days of Autumn
When the air is still warm
I go walking through the streets
And I outline the shapes and forms
Saving each one in your notebook
A new page for you to see
I am mapping out the boundary to help remember in my-

Have you ever noticed that you smile when you sleep?
Are you happier when dreaming?
Do you enjoy your night escape?
When it’s over do you feel the memories
dripping from your mind
Burnished by the daylight
Thoughts of running you now leave behind

And we find comfort in the edge of it
That we can hold from here, in a quiet mood
But still at night we’re taken by the urge for flight
Erupting from the sulphur in our blood